Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Now We Can Fix Errors in FamilySearch. Here's a FORM to help.

I was so excited about new.FamilySearch when it was announced.  However, after watching every dump all of their information into it without verifying and proving it, I found it soon became a dumping ground for all kinds of information.  I was even shocked to find my mother had died without me knowing it and her ordinances were up for grabs as a "green arrow".  My mom was shocked too.

But with the new "Family Tree"s, located at familysearch.org, we can clean up the mess.  Whether it remains clean will have to be seen.  I believe some people just go in and mess things up so they can see their name next to the information.  Suggestion - change it back to the correct information and you can still keep your name there.  Most of us don't care who's name is listed - just that the information is CORRECT!!!

Here is a blank copy of a form to help you keep track of those you have Verified, Digitized their records and then willing to SHARE  [click here].  I hope that it helps you clean up your lines so that the record can be a blessing to others as they stop duplicating efforts on ancestors that have been verified and the ordinances done.  Then they can move on to other relatives yet to be discovered.

Happy HUNTing.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Amos Hunt Hebron Ward Membership Record

Amos Hunt, son of John Hunt and Jane Coats, was born 28 Feb 1819 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.

Amos and his wife Nancy Garett Welborn were baptised in July 1844 by Daniel D Hunt and confirmed as well.
Amos was re-baptized and re-confirmed on 16 Nov 1878 by Thomas Sirls Terry.  Nancy, Amos' wife, was re-baptized and re-confirmed a few days later on 22 Nov 1878 by P. Hunt.
Their little family was received from the St. George Ward on 10 Dec 1861.
They left the ward 2 Oct 1882, going to Rabbit Valley just 2 months before Jefferson was born there in Thurber, Wayne, Utah.
A note is also made above Amos that he was received into the ward 13 April 1882 from Gunlock.  This move is unknown to me at the time of this posting.
Source:  Membership Records in the Hebron, Utah Ward Records.  LDS FHL #26037 item 2.  Allyson's page 241, 242, 243.
Thomas E[lmer] Hunt, son of Jefferson Hunt and Celestia Terry, was born 17 Dec 1882 in Thurber, Piute, Utah.  Source:  Membership Records of LDS Hebron Ward, Hebron, Washington, Utah.  LDS FHL 26037_item #2.  Allyson's full page image #277.

Amos Hunt's LDS Membership Records in Hebron

Amos Hunt, son of Jefferson Hunt and Celestia Terry is a brother to Thomas Elmer Hunt, my grandfather.  Amos was born in Hebron after the family moved there from Thurber, Wayne, Utah where a few years earlier Thomas Elmer was born.  The family had moved to Hebron before a sister Nancy Elva was born there in 1885.

Source:  Membership Records in LDS Hebron, Utah Ward Records.  LDS FHL #26037.

Thomas Elmer Hunt ordained a "teacher"

From the Hebron Ward Records, written as a primary source, Thomas Elmer Hunt was ordained to the office of a teacher in the LDS Church on 30 Dec 1900 in the Records of Ward Members in Hebron, Washington, Utah LDS Ward Records.  LDS FHL #26037_item #3.  Allyson's full page document #26037_3 Hebron 303.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thomas Elmer Hunt Death Certificate

Jefferson Hunt was born at Mound Fort, Weber, Utah

Site of Mound Fort

SITE OF MOUND FORT Mound Fort as a settlement began in 1848 when the first pioneers arrived in this locality. Others followed and erected a fort on an Indian burial mound. Its steep west slope, cut to a perpendicular face 10 feet high topped with a 3-foot breastwork, served as a lookout. Mud walls were begun on the other side. Cabins were built. A spring furnished water. Meetings and school were held in private homes. As more settlers came, Indian threats subsided and the fort fell into disuse.

Site Information

Location: 952 Childs Avenue
WEBER County

Corner of LDS Church grounds; Childs Ave. & 10th

Mound Fort  (1853 - unknown), Ogden
A Mormon settlers' fort located around a natural clay mound, in the vicinity of today's Washington Ave. and 12th Street
 Source:  Utah History Record Center: Markers and Monuments.

Ivin Elmer Hunt - Death notice and Funeral Program