Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thomas Elmer Hunt Death Certificate

Jefferson Hunt was born at Mound Fort, Weber, Utah

Site of Mound Fort

SITE OF MOUND FORT Mound Fort as a settlement began in 1848 when the first pioneers arrived in this locality. Others followed and erected a fort on an Indian burial mound. Its steep west slope, cut to a perpendicular face 10 feet high topped with a 3-foot breastwork, served as a lookout. Mud walls were begun on the other side. Cabins were built. A spring furnished water. Meetings and school were held in private homes. As more settlers came, Indian threats subsided and the fort fell into disuse.

Site Information

Location: 952 Childs Avenue
WEBER County

Corner of LDS Church grounds; Childs Ave. & 10th

Mound Fort  (1853 - unknown), Ogden
A Mormon settlers' fort located around a natural clay mound, in the vicinity of today's Washington Ave. and 12th Street
 Source:  Utah History Record Center: Markers and Monuments.

Ivin Elmer Hunt - Death notice and Funeral Program