History of Amos Hunt

Amos Hunt

Amos Hunt was born 28 February 1819 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. He married Nancy Garret Welborn 21 Dec 1852. They came to Utah with their family 24 September 1852, in the Benjamin Gardner Handcart Company. Soon after arriving in Salt Lake City, they were dispatched to Ogden. Here Amos later married his second wife, Rebecca Wiggins.

The Hunt family lived and prospered in Ogden untilo they received their call to Dixie. After reaching St. George, Amos moved his family into the area known as the Tonaquint fields. This area was southwesterly from the city. They were camping here when the great flood of 1862 surrounded them and the women and children had to be carried out.

He moved to the foot of the Pine Valley mountains late in the spring of 1862, , where the Blake and Gubler Ranch was established. He moved there driving a large herd of cattle.

In 1864, with several other families, Amos Hunt was sent to Clover Valley - now known as Barclay, Nevada. Here Rebecca, now a mother of three children, died from pnemonia at the age of 22 on 19 September 1865.

In 1866 the Indian problem became so serious in the Barclay area that the families moved back eastward to the Fort on Shoal Creek (6 miles west of where Enterprise was later settled in 1896). The settlement on Shoal Creek was later named Hebron. This was mo st likely because the village area in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky were Amos Hunt was born was called "Old Hebron".

Nancy Garrett Welborn Hunt, wife of Amos, died in Hebron on the 17th December 1895.
Amos later moved to Teasdale, Wayne County, to live with a daughter , Angeline Hunt Coleman. He died 6 September 1904.

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